February 15, 2011

Having A Great Valuable moment At Sushi King

Today such a happy day to me, even I'm not hangout with my beloved bestfriend, Shah, ziela, meerol, aleaya.. but i'm glad to ve a wonderfull person like akak and abang (ayusz & kak Liza) both of them are my mentor, i went to KL with zero -0- knowledge. zero experience, and i dont know nuthin about real life, if before this all my allowance my mummy and daddy support me 100% and this is the time for me pay back. today me and kakak and abang went to sushi king at midvalley megamall. luckily today not crowded with people even today is public holiday.. and easier for us to find a parking. we arrived around 3pm and kakak making a suggestion to eat at sushi king because there ve been a long time they dont eat sushi..

Yakiniku set

This is what we eat, i oder Chicken Curry omelet set..and the other oder kodomo bento, shoyu ramen, , sake mayo boat, Chuka Chinmi and a few of them i already forgot. Really nice and i enjoy the meal.
This is Vanilla Shake
For the beverages i prefer to oder Vanilla Shake, the other prefer  pink Guava juice Hot green Tea and Hot Honney Lemon Tea. And not to forget a bottle of yakult drink will be include with every meal set. 

After that we go to Digital shop and looking a new gadget for kakak to replace the older camera.. After we made a survey, we decide to pick up sony DSC T99.. for me this is such a cool camera with many useful future such as wide screen touch, panorama view, HD video, Smile shutter, face detection, shake control, HDR function, light control, and with 14.1 million color build in and come with 14.1 megapixel. cool huh...??
P/S: i'm feel so tired rite now, wanna take a bath, reading some book a few pages left and wanna sleep..
BTW thanx alot to abang and kakak for make me smile again...

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